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Who We Are

We are movie buffs and fans who believe average movie goers should have a voice.

Do you…

  • Find yourself often disagreeing with mainstream movie critics?
  • Feel you just wasted money, time or brain cells on a film and want to vent?
  • Want to share a hidden movie gem?
  • Just feel like chatting, ranting or cheering about a movie?

…then this is your site too. You review the movie at

No professional critic credentials are required. In fact, unless they sneak in behind the usher, you won’t find any here. We welcome all die hard movie buffs and casual fans alike.

Our in-house critics provide alternative reviews for regular and pre-release films. We also have industry insiders who often have differing perspectives to the professional critics…some are working movie people posting their own opinions and ratings.  

Our target ratings allow for a movie to “hit the bulls eye” or not. Ratings relate to a movie’s genre or category. Not all movies are trying to be “Citizen Kane 2” nor courting an Oscar nod. (A guy movie that hits the bull’s eye might not make a good date movie – unless you take a guy.)

What’s entertaining? The box office results and you will make the final call. Tell us what you think - you review the movie at  

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